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① Penetration Testing

Evaluate your system's security with our penetration testing services. Identify vulnerabilities before they are exploited.
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Combat SEO poisoning with our expert services. Safeguard your website from harmful tactics.
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③ Load & Stress Tesing

Simulate over 50k users based on your website's unique business rules with our comprehensive load and stress testing service.
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20+ free security scans for all customers

All customers get free hands-on experience with popular scans, including OWASP TOP 10, SQL Injection, XSS, DoS and SSRF, up to monthly limits.

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New customers get $300 in free credits to fully explore and conduct an assessment of ZOFixer scanners. You won’t be charged until you upgrade.

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New customers get $300 in free credits on signup. Utilize our security experts to analyze your website, obtain a free OWASP TOP 10 certificate.

SEO Poisoning
The Dark Side of SEO

Emergency SEO Update: Strategies to Reverse Your Google Ranking Decline

Discover The Vulnerabilities That Put Your Resources At Danger.

Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) tool

Vulnerabilities in security must be addressed right away. gives in-depth issue descriptions as well as highlights HTTP requests/responses that show why your code is vulnerable.

Keep track of compliance

Monitor project security in relation to the OWASP Top 10 and CWE Top 25 criteria.

By identifying vulnerabilities in words that developers understand, the Security Report improves collaboration.

Quick security audits

Don’t spend time installing, setting, and operating sophisticated security solutions. We have them waiting for you. Simply enter your URL target and click the Scan button. You will receive a ready-to-use pentest report that includes a pre-filled executive summary, vulnerability and risk information, and repair recommendations.

Our distinction from competitors

Use credible tools to security scan your resources and proven solutions to prevent any other vulnerabilities.

Scan all OWASP compliant security levels and much more accurately to prevent false positive reports from appearing in the security dashboard.

Manual Pen Testing Procedure in 4 Steps

Step 1:
Onboarding Customers
Step 2:
Execute Pen Testing
Step 3:
Vulnerability Remediation
Step 4:
Retest Vulnerabilities
ZOFixer and your firm will establish the complete extent of the testing before we begin. A clear and honest conversation with the customer is essential at this stage. At this step, we determine the infrastructure of the company, such as domains, servers, and other IP-enabled equipment. We next decide which should be excluded and why. We may define the testing period after we have a list of all the devices to be evaluated.
We begin by attacking your application's vulnerabilities and known weak points. We take great care throughout this step to secure both the app and your data. The penetration procedure is repeated using both human and automated technologies. We employ a variety of techniques, including those outlined in the OWASP methodology.
The ZOFixer team collects and organizes all information gathered and offers the customer with a comprehensive report. We also give thorough guidelines to help business executives and the IT team make sound decisions about application security. We offer a list of each vulnerability, as well as how we tested it and how we propose dealing with it. At this point, we supply detailed technical specifics that will allow the IT team to respond rapidly.
We will retest to assess the efficacy of finding solutions once both the business leaders and the IT team have seen the report and acted throughout the repair phase

Who is for

Class 1

Web Developers, QA Testers, Sys Admins

For regulatory compliance and to establish trust in your work and services

Class 2

MSPs, Security Consultants, Resellers

Easily manage large numbers of targets, scan data, and identify exploitable vulnerabilities.

Class 3

Pen Testers & Bug Bounty Hunters

Map the attack surface and chain multiple tools and run automated and manual testing sequences


B. RODGERS, IT Manager

Farho Co.

ZOFixer has played a very important role in the identification and mitigation of web application vulnerabilities.

A. SALEH, IT Department

Petrochemical Holding Co.

The PENTEST report was prepared very quickly in less than 24 hours and was very useful for the development team. I will definitely recommend

L. Gianni, CTO

TA Zimmer Holdings

We analyze our applications once we publish new versions to our public web servers on a regular basis to see if they are safe. Since we began utilizing ZOFixer, our team has been very proactive in ensuring that our products are created securely from the start.

A. Papaleo, Head Of IT Security

PRS Mason

To discover security risks early in the development cycle, we integrate ZOFixer into our clients' DevOps processes.


Loanin Software Solutions Co.

I have been a Zofixer customer for several years now, and I continue to be impressed with their expertise and professionalism. Their team is always available to provide me with the support I need to keep my website secure. Thank you, Zofixer!


Digital Shino Store

Zofixer's cybersecurity solutions are top-notch.


Cold Creative Co.

Zofixer is amazing! They helped me identify and fix security issues on my website quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for cybersecurity solutions.


Figua Tech Solutions Inc.

I've been working with Zofixer for a few months now, and I'm very impressed with their expertise and professionalism. Their team is always available to answer my questions and provide me with the support I need to keep my website secure. Thanks, Zofixer!


Archo E-Commerce Pro

Zofixer saved my website from a major security breach. Their team was able to identify and remove malware from my site quickly and effectively. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for cybersecurity solutions.


Marketing Maven LLC

Zofixer is simply the best when it comes to cybersecurity. Their team is highly skilled and knowledgeable, and they provided me with exceptional service. I feel much more secure with them on my side.


GTT Consulting Co.

I am very impressed with Zofixer's cybersecurity solutions. Their team helped me identify and fix security issues on my website, and they continue to provide me with the support I need to keep my site safe and secure. Thank you, Zofixer!


MAYA Digital Agency Inc.

Zofixer's team was extremely helpful and responsive when I needed help securing my website. They were able to identify and fix security issues quickly, and I feel much more confident about the safety of my site now. I highly recommend their services.

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